Population Health

A pharmacist doing an inventory of medicines using a digital tablet
By Adam Ang 07:04 am September 06, 2023
A new digital platform will now be used to collect and store ADR reports.
A person wearing a digital health-tracker watch sitting at a desk by a couch types on a laptop.
By Andrea Fox 09:49 am September 05, 2023
Virtuoso is a digital front door technology that can integrate health system data into a unified healthcare platform, the vendor says, and is designed to expand patient and family access to medical services.
John Fryer, president of Tribus and CRO at Lumeris
By Andrea Fox 11:02 am August 28, 2023
Health systems should get organized on alignment, transparency and reciprocity to further their VBC efforts, and providers need support to better understand and interpret population health data, says John Fryer, president of Tribus and CRO at Lumeris.
A clinician and a cancer patient with a head scarf smile as they look down.
By Andrea Fox 10:40 am August 24, 2023
Under the White House’s National Cancer Moonshot initiative, Oracle will contribute cloud, artificial intelligence and machine learning expertise, as well as clinical and healthcare research, care delivery and scientific insights.
SpaceX building
By Jessica Hagen 05:32 pm August 23, 2023
Investigations sponsored by the ISS National Laboratory will be performed, including tissue chip investigations to study liver regeneration and the immune aging process.
Doctor with glasses sits at a computer searching for answers.
By Andrea Fox 01:43 pm August 22, 2023
The LLMs, trained on healthcare and reimbursement concepts and terminologies, could improve population health management, care management and coordination, CRM, VBC, and self-serve analytics, the company said.
Cardiac monitors in a hospital setting
By Andrea Fox 10:29 am August 15, 2023
A new study looked at how AI and NLP could be used in a post-acute discharge patient engagement program to address factors beyond social determinants of health and address emotional, behavioral and other barriers to recovery.
Doctor working in infusion room
By 05:33 am August 15, 2023
Manage resource challenges and streamline staff workflows.
Pregnant person and partner embracing
By Jessica Hagen 02:52 pm August 14, 2023
The partnership will allow Molina's Virginia-based Medicare and healthcare marketplace members access to culturally competent maternal health experts.
A community doctor explaining to a patient their test results using a digital tablet
By Adam Ang 10:25 pm August 10, 2023
Also, doll-shaped robots have been deployed to solo-living seniors in rural South Korea.